Actually, I was a Sanders supporter.
Lon Shapiro

Again, you do not have a system of ethics that looks at people like Hillary Clinton and George Bush independent of party affiliation.

You bought up Bush’s ties to the Saudis. Yet the Clinton Foundation received a $10+ million donation from the Saudis shortly before Hillary approved a $29.5 billion sale of military aircraft to them.

That is not false equivalence, that is exact equivalence. Hillary Clinton and George Bush both had ties to the Saudis. Those ties influenced their decision-making process. Yet you see a problem in only one case.

You are either not very bright or you are a liar. In both cases, an unbiased person will question your judgment. If that’s the approach you want to take in rhetoric, OK. But I don’t think it accomplishes what you think it does.

I agree with Donald Trump on trade. However, I agree with Hillary Clinton on most other issues. Imagine that I wanted to convince you that Trump was right on trade. Which of these two statements works for you?

A) “Trump is a horse’s ass and would be a disaster for the country, although I do think he’s right on trade.”

B) “I agree with Trump on trade, and furthermore, he is not a horse’s ass but instead a great patriot who only wants to serve America.”

You are essentially taking position B with Hillary Clinton. It makes people suspicious of everything you say. Best.

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