You want to claim that Clinton is worse than Nixon, Reagan and W?
Lon Shapiro

“False equivalency” is the elite’s way of saying, “the rules don’t apply to me.” Garbage philosophy. Garbage thinking. Even so, Hillary is worse than all the people you name, by any type of equivalency that you care to name.

Hillary Clinton sold $165 billion dollars in arms to the Middle East, while the Clinton Foundation received donations of up to $10 million dollars or more from the weapons buyers and arms manufacturers. Example: Saudi Arabia purchased $29.5 billion of military aircraft from the U.S., approved by Hillary Clinton at the State Department, and described as a “personal” priority for her in the press, after a $10+ million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation also received $900,000 from Boeing, the manufacturer of the aircraft, shortly before the sale. A celebratory press conference was held by the State Department to announce the sale. The aircraft were used to bomb Yemen, creating a Level 3 humanitarian emergency, the U.N.’s highest level. This is one of many, many similar examples.

Hillary approved arms sales to every manner of tin horn dictator and strongman in the Middle East, many of them with deplorable human rights records. Not only did the Clinton Foundation rake it in, but Bill Clinton also charged speaking fees to many of the arms buyers. Hillary sold weapons at more than twice the rate of the Bush Administration in a similar time period. Her arms sales are unprecedented. She is the largest arms broker in the history of the world, and her private foundation and husband were profiteering off the sales. Unbelievable. You’re all right with that? The mayor of your town hands out fat contracts for construction, while her husband gets millions of dollars of speaking fees from the winning bidders, and her private foundation gets millions of dollars of donations from the winning bidders, and there’s nothing wrong with that? And we’re talking about foreign countries! Arms disappear into a sort of netherworld of the black market once their sold. It’s no wonder the Middle East is in flames after a $165 billion dollar arms dump. You know that sleazy middle-aged white male CEO of an arms manufacturing company, the most corrupt person in the world you can imagine? Hillary’s in bed with that guy. She’s also in bed with his competition. She’s in bed with all of them.

You write about Reagan, Oliver North, blah, blah, blah. Are you old enough to remember any of that? I lived through it. Oliver North was bad, but Hillary’s corruption absolutely dwarfs his. We are talking Pop Warner-NFL here. Perhaps her intentions weren’t worse than Oliver North’s, I don’t know. But the scale on which she operated was much greater.

The real lesson of Hillary is people like you, and what your opinions say about the state of America. When Nixon resigned on TV, he was sweating. I remember it well. I also remember that America was shocked that our President lied to us. It was a different time. Politics had been dirty forever, but a large segment of the public was innocent, naive, trusting, however you want to think about it. What did Nixon do? He covered up a break-in to the opposite party’s headquarters. Today, we have the Secretary of State selling hundreds of billions of dollars of arms in exchange for millions of dollars of donations to her private foundation and speaking fees to her husband, and her supporters come on line to lie in her behalf! Incredible.

Take a step back, my friend, and think about that.

And I’m a possible Hillary voter, because Trump is so much worse.

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