“Spoiled” Isn’t Actually A Thing You Can Be
Ester Bloom

I agree that name-calling doesn’t solve anything.

But if we’re not spoiled, what are we?

Anyone who earns over $34,400 annually is in the top 1% of wage earners worldwide. Most people in the U.S. are in the 1%! If you make $20,000 per year, you don’t get to cry poverty either. You’re still well above average.

Yet we “deserve” things. And more things.

Because we’re “worth it,” like a Clairol commercial.

At some point, yes, you do start to wonder what the point of life is. I don’t think it’s new rugs. I’m not throwing stones. I don’t think it’s the new car that my wife and I bought a couple of years ago either.

I wonder what people not in the 1% have to say about this topic. I spent a year in college in South America. I met lots of bright-eyed, brilliant college students in my biology program, smart, squeaky-clean, enthusiastic, charming, hard-working, and with absolutely no opportunity whatsoever after graduation to land a meaningful job.

And I drew the dividing line at $34,400! What are we to think of people with six-figure incomes who see themselves as “broke?”

I think I’ll allow myself to be an old crank and use the world “spoiled,” at least until a better word comes along.