‘War Dogs’ and the Celebration of One-Percenter Debauchery
devon maloney

I couldn’t agree with you more, but who do you celebrate?

I go back a long ways. One of the early promises of feminism was that female leadership would be different. Women had different leadership styles. They did things differently than men. We would all prosper.

For the record, I believe that.

But who did we end up with? Hillary Clinton. There is no politician in history more deeply enmeshed in the U.S. military-industrial complex.

I have never supported guys like these guys in the movie. I have always been opposed to what they stand for. Ditto for war monger politicians like George Bush. But with Hillary Clinton, I’m supposed to support a war monger. It’s “But you never said those things about male politicians.” Are you kidding?

One of the big divides in this election is that white males like me who fought the machine for decades saw behavior as the problem. Behavior of the guys like the guys in this movie. We didn’t like it. It now appears that many women saw the problem as, “We didn’t get to do stuff like this too.”

Because they are planning to vote for Hillary Clintong, and voting for a war monger is “progress,” as long as she’s the first female president in history.

So I’ll ask my question again.

Who do you celebrate, and why? What does their behavior look like to somebody divorced from identity politics, maybe somebody under fire from some of the hundreds of billions of dollars of arms that person dumped in the Middle East as Secretary of State?


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