Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

I hope you enjoy the platter of sandwiches that Hillary Clinton’s campaign left on your doorstep. Better get to them before the rats do.

You reported nothing of substance on Ryan Lochte. The article was meaningless invective that you linked to Trump supporters and guns.

If you’re worried about guns, especially in foreign countries, you might look at Hillary Clinton, who is the largest arms dealer in the world.

As for Ryan Lochte, why not cover the slander? He said that four policemen with guns held him up. It’s a safe bet that slander drove the police investigation. I lived in South America for several years. They have a different take on irresponsible public statements than we do. Yes, Ryan Lochte is a turd, but lots of other athletes did turd-like things in Rio. The difference is that Ryan Lochte slandered the police. If he had told his mother that a motorcycle gang robbed him, we might never have heard this story.

I don’t have any sandwiches to pay you off in. I’m just offering my take on what responsible journalism might have looked like. Best.

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