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I’m not sure it’s good to root for marriages to break up, especially with children involved. There were three people in that family, not two.

I have no defense for Anthony Weiner — that’s not my point.

These exact “Dump him!” calls played out in the 1990s around Bill and Hillary. She stayed with him. Was that the wrong decision?

Chelsea seems to like both her parents.

I’m not a big Hillary Clinton fan. But I like that Bill supports her. He was an unfaithful cad. He is still a ruthless, self-serving politician, but there is genuine love and tenderness in the way he is sticking by Hillary. She stayed with him for whatever reasons, practical or personal, way back when. He didn’t deserve it. Now he is paying her back.

Isn’t that a better outcome than divorce? Not a just outcome, where Hillary kicks him to the curb and millions of women who have been cheated on go, “Yes!” but a better outcome? Maybe Hillary did the right thing.

As a child of divorce, my advice is don’t ask the squabbling parents and their surrogates if divorce is a good thing. Ask the kids.

Anthony Weiner has issues and Huma didn’t have much choice. I get that. Divorce may have been the best option. But it’s not something I root for.

The picture of Anthony Weiner with his son is like a Rorshach test. What do you see? Some people’s eyes go to Anthony Weiner’s crotch. My eyes go to the little boy. He is now a member of a broken family. Best.

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