All I’ve done is address your argument head on.
Lon Shapiro

Lou, you haven’t “proven” my point false that Hillary is the most corrupt politician that I’ve seen in my lifetime. She absolutely, without question, is the most corrupt politician I have seen in my lifetime. There is nobody even remotely close, although to fair, all of them have skeletons in their closet.

Do you have “proof” that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon? Didn’t think so. How about “proof” of the number of people that have died under North Korea’s latest regime? What, no proof? Guess it didn’t happen then.

Is that how your mind works?

Hillary Clinton sold $165 billion worth of arms to the Middle East! What do you think that people are using to kill each other over there! Good God! The U.S. is by far the largest arms dealer in the world, and Hillary is the number one huckster for the U.S. arms manufacturers in history! Do you think that a sizable number of people are dying in the Middle East because of weapons manufactured in Italy, or Libya, or something like that? I defy you to find anybody else with even close to Hillary Clinton’s numbers for arms sales!

There are some proven connections between her weapons and deaths in the Middle East, such as the level 3 humanitarian crisis, the highest classification under the U.N. system, caused in Yemen by the military aircraft she sold the Saudis. And the Iraq War is on her as well, as we’ve already discussed. There is growing evidence that arms that she sold to the Middle East ended up in the hands of ISIS. You can throw Syria in the mix. And she made a profit off of all of this, through the Clinton Foundation and her husband!

As far as the Iraq War and WMD goes, you are spouting garbage straight from bowels of Hillary’s corrupt campaign machinery.

Did I oppose the Iraq War? Are you kidding? I knew for a certainty that they were lying about WMD. I wrote far more invective against Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney at the time than I am writing against Hillary Clinton now, and in 2001 still considered her a viable candidate for president.

The problem with people of the Internet generation like yourself, is that you know nothing about anything. You substitute the results of search pages for real knowledge. And then you dare people to refute you with other search pages, as if you’ve actually made a point!

Let me illumine you, O grasshopper, on what exactly your meaningless trashy quotes about what high-level senators learned from the CIA prior to the Iraq War, blah, blah, blah mean. My father was in the nation’s nuclear testing program in the 1950s. He saw 14 aboveground nuclear tests. He told me stories as a kid which I still remember, about seeing the bones in his hand when the bombs went off, even though he was kneeling in a trench, with his eyes closed, facing away from ground zero, and with his head buried between his knees. I grew up to have a long history in working against nuclear testing. I was arrested numerous times, and learned a great deal about the issue. I read books, interviewed people, all of it. I had a chance to find out how verification of testing worked from one of the scientists involved with implementing the array that monitored Soviet and American tests. I have forgotten more about that issue than you will ever know, even if you studied the issue from now until the end of your life. The Iraqis could not possibly have been fabricating a nuclear weapon because what was needed was an industrial complex, probably more than one, on the scale of a small city. You can’t do it in a garage. And Hans Blix was monitoring all of Iraq. And yet we were being told by the Bush administration that parts the size of a breadbox were being found under rose buses and the like, which meant the Iraqis were building nuclear weapons. Did Hillary buy that B.S.? If so, she’s about as rock-solid incompetent as they come. Anybody with even minimal knowledge of the issue knew that Iraqi construction of nuclear weapons was an impossibility.

Oh, but you have a web page on how Hillary was legitimately misled by the C.I.A. What, is she too incompetent to know what she should know about nuclear weapons? Does she need a study guide to know what I just wrote?

And chemical weapons? Are you kidding me? We STILL, as of 2016, have orders of magnitude more chemical weapons stored on U.S. soil than Saddam Hussein was ever accused of having. If he did have a few rusting barrels of a nerve agent somewhere, it was only what the U.S. sold him in the first place. Did Hillary fall for that one too?

See, guys like you don’t learn things from experience and real life. Everything you know is on the order of ideology that you’ve swallowed around the dinner table, along with your broccoli. You’re like a 14-year kid who has never been out of Cincinnati, who pounds his fist on the dinner table to make a point about the Balkans, based on what he has heard his father and mother say before. And you’re biased. I 100% agree with what you say about Bush. He was garbage, I was loud about it at the time, just as I am loud about Hillary’s almost unfathomable corruption.

I wrote all of the above without the desperation Googling you go through to try and justify your non-knowledge. All off the top of my head. That’s what happens when you know things from experience, rather than trying to justify corruption based on a political philosophy and B.S. web pages. Best.

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