Unless You Want Clinton vs. Cruz in 2020, Vote for Jill Stein in 2016

Loved the cartoons!

And nicely said. Thanks.

I was born in the early 60s. I think what drives the change towards ever-more corrupt politicians is an ever-more corrupt American public.

People were genuinely shocked by Nixon’s lies in the 70s. With no Internet, the story dribbled out slowly, over a period of years. People grabbed the papers every day make sense of the latest revelations. Politicians were corrupt, but we the people were relatively innocent compared to 2016.

Today? If you don’t go online and lie in favor of your corrupt candidate, you don’t care. And if you really care, you get a job with your candidate’s PAC, create a slew of Twitter and Facebook sock puppets, and slander supporters of other candidates based on gender, age, etc.

At some point, each person needs a system of ethics that is independent of party affiliation, or whose gender they do or don’t identify with.

I hear people say they want a better system and better choices. But where are the better people who will be the bedrock of a better system?

Maybe some are those who will vote their conscience this election.

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