Infantilize Myself for $1.99? Yes, Thank You
Joanna Petrone

Not a mom, but this analysis makes sense to me.

Emojis fit a certain communication style.

Some people communicate with humor, others communicate with facts, others appeal to a cause, and more.

And some people use emojis.

I don’t use them, usually, but once in a while it’s fun.

No style of communication takes away anybody else’s voice. A leaking milk mom emoji does not preclude a sober analysis of icons of motherhood in an academic journal the next day. Everybody gets a say. And life goes on.

I don’t put up posters of kittens dangling from wires with the caption, “Hang in there!” either. But I love them when I run across them. It’s not me, but it’s somebody, and they made their point with the poster. Best.

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