To them Obama isn’t the first black president. He’s just the President.
Hillary Clinton is the new normal
Melissa Ryan

Of course he’s just the President, which is why we need to consider his policies, and Hillary Clinton’s, before voting for them.

Years ago, a promise of the feminist movement was that female leadership would be different. It’s kind of hard to see that with Hillary. She is more deeply entrenched in the military-industrial complex than any candidate for president in my lifetime. She approved arms sales to the Middle East at more than twice the rate of Condoleeza Rice in the Bush Administration, often to countries which were bad actors but had contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Yet, she’s still a progressive to you. Did you decide that based on her policies, or the fact that she’s female and has a “D” next to her name? Even the New York Times, which has been unapologetically in the tank for Hillary Clinton from the start, is starting to fret about Hillary’s courtship of right-wing republicans.

Meet the new boss. The same as the old boss.