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Peña Nieto is right. The flow of arms and money from the U.S. into Mexico is damaging. From a global standpoint, the arms trade, particularly from the U.S., dwarfs drugs as a public health problem. As an aside, we have a candidate for president who greatly increased the flow of arms from the U.S. to the rest of the world. Interested parties will do their research.

I agree with Peña Nieto less about NAFTA. Of course he likes it. Mexico is where a lot of U.S. jobs have gone. Car assemblers in Mexico make about a quarter of what they did in Detroit. NAFTA has also gutted environmental laws, since they fall to the least common denominator among signatories.

Horrible translation of the tweet.

Should be, literally: “At the beginning of the conversation with Donald Trump, I left clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall.” Could be tweaked from there to sound more natural in English. Best.

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