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Lon Shapiro

“Right wing talking points?”

I’ve downloaded the original documents for her arms sales and looked at the data myself. The State Department has to provide the documents online by law. They’re a little tough to go through, because Hillary’s State Department didn’t provide spreadsheets, except for one year. Mostly they are poorly scanned low-resolution pdfs based on images, designed so that anybody who wants to g0 through the data has to retype the numbers in themselves. They are of too poor quality to be of use with optical recognition software, of the kind that turns scanned books into text. I know. I’ve tried.

“False equivalency” just means “I get judged by a different set of rules than anybody else.” But everybody knows, from about the time they’re five, that there is only one version of fair. You’re not the only one that has a blind spot where their candidate is concerned. It’s on the right, too. Many people do not have a system of ethics that is not closely tied to their party affiliation. Kind of sad, if you ask me. If we’re going to build a better country, where are the people who see things in a neutral way to build it out of?

Hillary has strengths too. I do believe that she is more concerned with the middle class than Donald Trump. But her corruption is part of the package. It’s unfortunate. She is not an evil person, in the sense of Stalin or Hitler. That IS a right wing talking point. She’s better than that. But she has a problem with knowing right from wrong, especially in situations where there are no guidebooks. Her tendency when faced with questions like, “Should the Clinton Foundation be accepting money from foreign countries I’m selling arms to?” is to push the envelope in a way that benefits her bank account. There ARE people in this world who take a different approach to life, and who come up with different answers when faced with temptation.

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