Where to now, Berniecrats?
Germaine Wensleydale

These sentiments seem more genuine than the recent spate of rigged FB posts, etc. from the Hillary campaign which follow the narrative: “I was for Bernie. Oh, I was. I really was. I really honestly was. But now I’m for Hillary! Because…”

I’m having trouble coming around because of one issue, her arms sales as Secretary of State ($165 billion, most in history), often to bad actors, and often to countries who made multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation. There are many tens of thousands more bereaved mothers in the Middle East whose children were killed by arms whose sale Hillary Clinton personally approved, as in her signature was on the dotted line, than appeared on the stage in Philadelphia Tuesday night.

I hope I’m not applying an unfair purity test. This has been a core issue for me for some time. I don’t see why Hillary gets a pass, when I’m still angry at Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for the same thing.

Anyway, it’s about the issues for me, although I agree that her baggage is a serious concern. One of my earliest political memories was of the Watergate scandal. The national business pretty much stopped for two years while the details of the cover-up dripped, dripped, dripped out. It’s easy to envision something similar happening in the future with Hillary. Imagine that Wikileaks’ next email drop includes the 30,000 deleted emails from her State Department server, and worse, that the Russians really DID do the hacking. Oops. She said that the server was safe. And the fun begins.

The choice does seem clear. Hillary is a much better option than Trump. It’s just…well, you know.

P.S. As to congress, well, I live in Arizona. Help!

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