Is it time to reconsider Democracy?
Abheek Talukdar

This article is one-sided.

Hillary voters are just as dumb as Trump voters. The ones with degrees may be the dumbest of all. A degree just means that you’ve been obedient for x number of years, and spit back the answers on the study guide when the professor asks you to. The people in this world who can think for themselves on any issue are very few.

Take gun control. Hillary is the largest arms dealer in the world. That is fact, not conjecture. She approved several hundred billion dollars worth of weapons sales to the Middle East in a little over two years as Secretary of State. That is a historic arms dump in such a short period of time, unmatched by any other human being in history. Many of those sales were to bad actors in the Middle East, and many followed multi-million dollar contributions by the buyers to the Clinton Foundation. Arms manufacturers have made very large donations to Hillary’s campaign. She is in bed with all of them.

Yet if you ask an average Hillary supporter about her stand on gun control, you’ll get the standard, “She’s good on gun control,” response.

Now why is that?

The issue of gun control has been framed in terms of gun laws in U.S. cities. The whole rest of the universe has been neatly sliced away. Since Hillary’s supporters can’t think for themselves and ask questions like, “Gee, I wonder if gun violence is an issue anywhere else on the planet besides Detroit, and I wonder if Hillary has anything to do with it?” they parrot the talking points that have been prepared for them, either directly or in the form of news articles from paid or cooperative sources.

My question is: Who prepares your intelligence test on questions like gun control, to determine if people are qualified to vote? Does Hillary Clinton’s staff (or the equivalent) get to frame the questions? Or are the U.N. and humanitarian organizations allowed to show statistics on how many children around the world are dead as a result of weapons whose sale Hillary Clinton personally signed off on? I’m going to guess the first, because you’re smart obviously, and the first answer seems to fit with what you think. In other words, you should get to interrogate the rest of us to see if we’re worthy of voting. Did I get the answer right?

A better solution, in my opinion, would be to change our system of education. It rewards obedience, not innovative or comprehensive thought. As things stand now, if you spit back on a test “Hillary Clinton is better on gun control than Donald Trump, because she wants to strengthen the gun laws in Detroit,” which is what your professor told you on the study guide, you get an A, even if you’re as dumb as a fencepost. Meanwhile, the guy in the back of the room who raises his hand and says, “Wait a minute… Aren’t people dying elsewhere than Detroit from gun violence, like say, Syria?” gets a D and an “antagonistic to classroom routine” comment on his report card. It’s no wonder that we’ve created a society of people who can’t think. If you think, you are promptly punished.

Hillary Clinton, by the way, is the most perfect example of our educational system that could be put forth. She has no ideas, none, zero. Three laws from her time in the Senate bear her name, for naming post offices and highways and the like. What is she good at? Memorizing study guides and burning the midnight oil. And cooperating with people. You can put reams of paper in front of her, and she’ll go through all of it. That’s why you get the “It’s complicated,” answers from her on fracking, minimum wage, etc. People say, “Wow! She’s brilliant!” when they really mean, “Wow! She read all the papers that she was supposed to read!” Without coming to any conclusions, of course. It’s the glorified version of “baffle ’em with bullshit,” that every high school student knows. She is the student who was always prepared for class, neatly inside the box, just how somebody else asked her to prepare. And when you ask that person a question about real life, they begin to stammer. So what will she do as President? What she’s done all her life, look to other people for information, for a take.

As for Donald Trump’s supporters, yes, they are dumb as fenceposts too. As is Donald Trump. What is refreshing is that he is honest. He doesn’t try to baffle people with bullshit. He is the kid in the classroom who says, “Never mind gun control, what about that friggin’ mystery meat that we have to eat every Tuesday at lunch? Is that friggin’ horse meat or what?” And everybody cheers. Meanwhile, Hillary is fuming in the corner because she was so well prepared to show the professor that she had studied both sides of gun control just as he laid it out for her, without coming to any conclusions of course. And after Donald Trump misbehaves she wants to be in charge, so that nobody will ever misbehave like that again! She’ll show them!

Trump would be a disaster for America, which is why I’m probably going to vote for Hillary. But at least I’ll know why I’m voting for her. I’ll know just about how high her elevator reaches in the skyscraper. I’ll know what floor her supporters get off on too. It is what it is. I won’t be disappointed either, given that my expectations are realistic. It’s a beautiful day. Best.