Hillary Clinton and the Rhetoric of Trust
Curtis Dozier

You may be right.

I may be a helpless victim of rhetorical techniques developed millennia ago, unable to evaluate Hillary Clinton fairly because she is not a man.

Let me offer you other possibilities.

Hillary Clinton is the largest arms dealer in human history.

I welcome a rebuttal of my assertion. Find a name, any name, from any period of history, from any country, who sold more weapons in a shorter period of time than Hillary Clinton.

The numbers are staggering. Hillary Clinton sold hundreds of billions of dollars of arms during her short tenure at State, more than twice the rate of Condoleeza Rice in the Bush administration. What’s more, it “appears” that she sold arms in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. The numbers show a 143% increase in sales to Clinton Foundation donors as compared to those who didn’t donate to the Clinton Foundation. One example is a $29.5 billion sale of military aircraft to the Saudis, following a $10+ million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation by the Saudis, and a $900,000 donation by Boeing, the manufacturer, a few months before the sale. If you’re interested in the primary documents, Google “Section 655 Annual Military Assistance Reports,” and “Clinton Foundation donors.”

Hillary Clinton characterized the Saudi sale as a “personal” priority, and the Department of State held a celebratory press conference afterwards.

Does that inspire trust in you? If so, why? I’m having trouble seeing it.

The Middle East is in flames. They experienced Hillary’s arms dump on top of their preexisting problems. Many of the arms entered black market channels. Some are reputed to have ended up in the hands of Isis.

Meanwhile the Clinton Foundation is tens of millions of dollars richer after Hillary’s tenure at state. That’s a lot of six figure administrative jobs to hand out, to large donors and political cronies.

Does that inspire trust in you? If so, why? I’m having trouble seeing it.

You seem familiar with students. I am too.

Let me tell you about a problem I see with our system of education.

We reward obedience every step of the way. If you memorize the facts on your study guide and spit them back on the test, you get an A.

But if you raise your hand in the back of the classroom, and say, “Wait a minute — is Hillary Clinton really ‘good’ on gun control, given that she sold hundreds of billions of dollars in arms to the Middle East, and given that arms manufacturers donate heavily to her campaign?” you get a D, as well as “antagonistic to classroom routine” noted on your report card.

Hillary Clinton is a product of this system.

She is a good student, in the memorize-the-study-guide sense.

Ask her to wade through reams of paper on fracking, and she’ll do it.

Ask her what her conclusions are, and she might not have any.

“It’s complicated,” she’ll say.

It showed in the debates. When asked questions on her core issues, like reproductive rights, her conviction shone through. “I will always defend a woman’s right to choose!” Applause.

But asked questions about the $15 minimum wage, or fracking, or trade, and the good student got confused. You started hearing, “I’ve been at this a long time. There are two sides. What I’m trying to say is…”

And the needle on everybody’s B.S. detector pegged out in the red. Because it was B.S., the same “baffle ’em with B.S.” that we all remember from high school. An eloquent person, without ideas or conviction.

Either she has no ideas, or she doesn’t want to tell you what they are.

Does that inspire trust in you? If so, why? I’m having trouble seeing it.

To be clear, I’m not voting for Trump.

Why? Because he can’t be trusted.

Funny, he embodies many of the qualities that you say voters subconsciously associate with trustworthiness.

I’m going to run now, before you put a D on my report card.

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