Kurt Metzger Needs to Shut Up
Nikki Black

You may well be right in what you think Aaron Glaser did. But the chance that you might be wrong is why we have a legal system.

Accusations can not be accepted as truth without proof, no matter how horrible the accusation. In fact, the more horrible the accusation, the more closely it should be looked at. Nobody makes false accusations of jaywalking.

There have been false accusations of rape and child molestation in American history. Some resulted in lynching. The incidence of false or mistaken accusations might be very low, but it is real. I suspect it is higher than people think, however. Look at the Innocence Project. They free people on death row. They only look at those cases, because of limited resources. How many people are convicted of lesser crimes who didn’t commit them?

As far as taking away Aaron Glaser’s right to earn a living, the clubs have a right to do that. I’m not sure it’s a great idea, though. Let the legal system do its work, as well as paying customers, if they don’t want to see a certain performer. Somebody could take away your right to earn a living in the future, or mine, even based on Internet postings.

Your arguments about why women don’t want to go to the police and why rape is under-reported are strong. But they are not strong enough to invalidate the presumption of innocence in the legal system. Your experience of being a rape victim is part of the truth. Anyone falsely accused of rape owns another part of the truth.

As far as the language in Kurt Metzger’s post, I’m with you. He sounds like a jackass. I wouldn’t want to be seen in public with him. But he has a point. I’m more on your side than his, but I can’t go along with making accusations the equivalent of guilt. Best.