I Love Donald Trump’s Hair Because it Doesn’t Lie
Ezinne Ukoha

Got it! You say you are prejudice against people who have white skin.

Trump wants to get the jobs back into America so everyone has a chance to advance. obama, who isn’t American but is Kenyan, wants to take jobs out of the USA and destroy our whole country leaving everyone impoverished. He hates everyone — based on his ACTIONS, not his words. Actions always speak louder than words. How about making a list of Trump’s many outreachings to poor and underprivileged people when he had no obligation or other incentive to do so? Did you do that fact check. Looks like you are in for a shocking surprise. Then compare who he helped out of the goodness of his own heart over the decades, with similar acts of kindness by either those currently occupying the White House and the “other” one aspiring for it. Neither of the others have ANY record of helping those less fortunate than themselves. Trump has a very long and substantial list. Please do your fact check.

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