An Open Letter to My Children About Donald Trump
Benjamin Hart

You have a complete misconception of Trump. You should take a look at the tremendous numbers of reports of his generosity. He never brings it up himself. He has a love of people that is huge. His efforts to establish his goals includes helping others reach their goals. Sure, sometimes when you are reaching for your goals you have to insist on them to the exclusion of others for a moment. Otherwise you will never get anything for yourself if you are only thinking of others. You will give your job to someone you feel is less fortunate. you will give away all your possessions to others less fortunate than you and you will end up with nothing — you won’t survive nor will your children. How would you be able to support them? So there is a place for insisting on your things being yours so you and your family survive. Life has a very tough side to it.

Then there is being in a position where you are strong enough to help others. This is the position that Trump is in. Look at all the help he has flowed out to so many others that he had no obligation to help. To call him a hater is a completely false statement. To say he fears others is a false statement. If you look into his successes, he has always tried to include as many in his success as he can. Please research this more thoroughly and find out for yourself.

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