Darwin Said


That our biological ancestor was

A hairy quadruped, without a tail,

Probably arboreal in its habits.

Something like that.

While I accept the science,

I have often thought

There is something more,

Unknowably more.

Oh, no, no, no.

I am not a fundamentalist.

No river-baptized,

Bible-thumper, I.

There are no gardens

But those we plant.

No serpents

But those we can become.

Still, there’s something more.

I know it.

How do I know, you ask?

Because there is this weird thing I do.

I sometimes engage in conduct

Against my self-interest.

I sometimes put others’ needs

Ahead of my own.

Maybe survival-of-the-fittest

Is too harsh.

Maybe dog-eat-dog

Is too cynical.

Maybe we just underestimated

The hairy quadruped.

(Sorry, great-great…



But then again,

Over sixty million,

Sixty million, I repeat,

Sixty, fucking


Of my hairless (mostly),

Tail-less (in more polite circles),

Former tree-dwelling kin

Voted for

A racist,



Proudly ignorant man

To what?

To lead us?


I mean, really?

So, Great-great-granddaddy,

With all due respect,

Thank you for trying.

But I think

It might be best for us

To head back to the trees.

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