Hello World! Bobby’s here

Hey there, I am Robert “Bobby” Lu. I am a tenth grader currently studying in Taipei European School.

Recently, I got influenced by the amazing world of User Experience and was very surprised that UX actually links with everything in our modern world. It is fascinating to find out that even a small lamp could cause months or even years to design and manufacture.

I am currently creating a website with my friend — Vatsal — to create an encyclopedia for people who have a desire to explore the more advanced operating mechanisms of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps ( Photoshop, Illustrator….). We will also set up hopefully several projects for students to follow through and assist their school projects.

10th grade is such a crucial time in a student’s life. This is the time where decisions are to be made and desirably a future career should be planned on. I am very grateful that I found my ideal occupation just at the right moment. My dream is to study at the School of Hotel Administration (SHA) at Cornell University.

The University fancied me because of the environment. The fact that the school is located in a “remote” area reasonably far away from the city absolutely suits my lifestyle. I really like to be in a place closer to trees rather than infrastructure.

Back to Splendesign, I currently work as the UX Designer and Co-owner of the project. My main job is to set up a business plan but at this early stage, I literally work on EVERYTHING you can think about.

I’ll be posting more about the development of Splendesign and my personal website later on and I will appreciate for any of your support~~~