Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

Hillary “would not be where she is with Bernie’s record as her own.”


but Hillary “would not be where she is” if her married surname wasn’t Clinton and she wasn’t the First Lady at some time in the past.

my problem with Hillary is not at all her gender. my problem is the dynasty that she is in. she would never have been Secretary of State nor even U.S. Senator from New York if she hadn’t first been FLOTUS.

we’ve tried and we’re tired of this dynasty crap. what will we have in 2032? Chelsea Clinton vs. Jenna Bush? i just don’t like the prospect of Bill bragging that he’s the only guy that got to live in the White House for 16 years.

if Hillary *was* credibly making the case that Bernie is, or even some approximation of it without conveniently appropriating the ideas and the rhetoric from Bernie, i would happily support her run for President *even* with her family perks. but i just cannot get over the formulamaic regurgitation of Bernie’s rhetoric *after* she’s finding that her own doesn’t get her much mileage. i don’t trust that this will be how she will govern once inaugurated. she is not sincere.

however, i am starting to accept that Bernie will not likely win the nomination and i am certain i will vote for the Democrat nominee in November whomever he or she is. Cap’n Combover in the Oval Office is way too scary a risk to do anything else.