Lauren Besser

no Lauren. you don’t get it. i was there at the Curtis Awards in 2013 when Elizabeth, Bernie, Pat Leahy, the Guv and all sorts of other Dems were there.

i asked Elizabeth myself why she wasn’t running. i said, “it should be you to be the first woman president.” she responded “oh no! i’m not going there!” (if you don’t believe me, find my FB page and look at my photos.) she *knew* that, although Hillary had not yet announced, everyone knew Hillary was just about to announce. and that it was an expected coronation in the Dem convention. she was *deferring* to Hillary.

Lauren, be careful converting a dispute of facts or ideas with “speaking down to” whatever class of person you may happen to be in. it’s like playing the race card, but in this discussion it’s playing the gender card. it’s not an honest way to have an argument about things. especially with someone who is mostly on the same side as yours.

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