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— Just this week, we saw our sisters at have to cease editorial operations because a company decided that lesbians were not profitable enough — oblivious to how many bi and lesbian women found important community there. —

how dare a company not operate at a loss just because you want them to do so!

— This puff piece — complete with a cutesy clown photoshoot — makes light of Yiannopoulos’s trolling while simultaneously providing him a pedestal to further extend his brand of hatred. Indeed, he does so in the profile itself, openly slurring the transgender community, which Out published without any apparent concern. —

how could they possibly forget?

puff pieces are for “right thinking” gays…and our friends in the Dem party of course

— In turn, we recommit to writing about the queer community in a fashion that recognizes and honors its diversity, highlights its struggles, and celebrates the richness of its intersectional cultures. —

with the caveat that those struggles,cultures, and diversity are the “correct” leftist ones of course……

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