Mauritius, A Taste of Paradise of The Indian Ocean

Do paradise really exist on earth?Can many religions cohabit together?Is there a place of earth where peace exist, natural beauty, Fine food, Most incredible stunning beaches with blue lagoons?

Yes and Its name is Mauritius island! Many of you have probably heard about the famous extinct Bird the Dodo, well its origin is from Mauritius.Discovered by the dutch thousands of year ago, then colonized by the British, French and finally the island got its independence in 1968.

Since then Mauritius is renowned to be the most prosperous country in Africa and Millions of tourists visits the island throughout the year.With Stunning Lagoons & beaches, very diverse culture and amazingly rich cuisine , its worth the trip!

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Mauritius official language is English, but most locals speaks creole and fluently french so language barrier is not a problem. Planning for your holidays soon and no idea where to go, then Mauritius is the Key! This is one of the safest place for amazing holidays. Once you land here, it will be your second home….Enjoy