People don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel.

In the past decade I’ve gone from Trainer to Coder to Support Guy to Business Builder. I’m probably at the stage where I consider myself a Culture Crafter. What I do on a daily basis (along with any crisis that pops up!) is to craft, tweak, adjust and coach the culture of our company.

We’ve got 5 great Values. They’re not great because they are plastered on posters all over the wall in our office. In fact, they aren’t even on our walls. We tried it once, we even ran a competition to paint them on the walls … didn’t work— I think internally we realized that we just need to live them.

We realized that each of us is an example of those values.

Now, we just paint our Rocket on the wall.

A recent thread on our intranet really stood out to me and made me pause. Someone had made a comment about swearing. Whether it was right or wrong. What followed was awesome. A great discussion about how we could improve. No finger pointing, no blame, no justification — a pure focus on the outcome of getting better.

As a leader, as a Culture Crafter, there is not much more that you can want.

So what is it that I want? I want all of our offices to be a place that all of our team enjoy being at. That’s not about beer and stand-up desks. It’s about a place that helps each of us get better at what we were meant to be. Human.

Written by

Founder/CEO of @ServiceRocket. iDad. Bad Guitarrista. Football coach. Aussie in Palo Alto.

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