Make The US Citizenship Test A High School Graduation Requirement
Shiva Bhaskar

I appreciate the spirit of the argument and agree that people should be more aware of their civic institutions, but linking the citizenship test to your education is a dangerous ploy.

This is a classic “slippery slope”. Who says you stop at high school graduation requirement? What about citizenship testing for all? You already have some claiming that you don’t automatically get citizenship if their parents weren’t already citizens, even though that’s never been how jus Soli has been granted. What happens when circumstances arise and citizenship requirements are changed in the US from Jus Soli to a test? Only administered in English. Only administered in capital cities. Costing a hefty ‘administrative fee’. Just look at the trends voting ID laws and the impact on the poor getting access to said required ID across the country and tell me this isn’t a bridge to far. Next thing you know and it won’t be voting rights being restricted, it will be citizenship and all the rights that accompany.

I remember taking a version of the test as a practical exercise in class, and I think it served the purpose you seek. This can be done by any high school or even middle school educator.

If your point is the test itself is archaic, yes. I agree. It, along with the rest of the immigration system needs to be reformed. As the son of an immigrant I have heard stories about how terrible the system is. And my family’s experience was actually quite easy compared to the vast majority.

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