Mood as Extrapolation Engine: Using Emotions to Generate Momentum
Tiago Forte

my favorite philosopher, clausewitz (#on war#, in gutenberg), valuable also about mood. I emphasize following biorythm. But, as charles munch emphasizes in #i am a conductor#, some tasks mercilessly are linked to timing, as in music performance (note that glenn gould escaped that by stopping concertizing — -recording only). Of course, many jobs/tasks must coordinate with timing of others. Anyway, by noting your up moods you can avoid letting them go to waste — -when the grunian are running. And, being skillful in exploiting down-time is an important key — -make friends with your subconscious mind. Tactics are important to genius. To avoid desctructive procrastination, avoid committing to be always great — -let the task go out into the anonymous world…expect more tasks to come. ..