Apple Removes Christian Pro-Life Prayer App

In the latest push to silence Christian organizations, Apple has recently removed the Human Coalition’s pro-life app from their app store citing that the technology does not meet their requirements. The Human Coalition is an organization that provides women with the services they need to choose life for their baby.

The app was dropped from Apple app-store after left-wing bloggers and activist made a fuss over the pro-life app. The pro-life app allowed individuals to use the app to see in real-time where people are praying for an individual thinking of getting an abortion.

The app receives prayer requests from pro-life pregnancy centers across the U.S. This allows Christians across the nation to pray for individuals who are considering aborting their child in an abortion clinic. The Human Coalition has saved the lives of over 7,000 babies throughout the United States of America.

New information has surfaced on the Apple Store Forum about why Apple removed the app from its stores. One of the members of the forum Jerd7 posted a screenshot response from the Apple Staff stating that the app was pulled

“in order to ease tension between the app’s pro-life supporters and pro-choice Apple users who did not support it.”

This admission confirms the Human Coalition’s suspicion that the app was removed for political reasons. The Human Coalition has expressed concern over Apple’s unwillingness to work with the Human Coalition to fix the issues. The Human Coalition is fully willing to work with Apple to bring their technology back into compliance with Apple’s policies.

The Human Coalition was not contacted by Apple prior to having their app removed from the app store. The Human Coalition is continuing to encourage its supporters to petition Apple to reinstate the app. Apple has given no indication that it is going to restore the app anytime soon. This is a deplorable act of censorship against the pro-life movements.

Apparently, the pro-choice movement is only pro-choice for proponents of abortion. It is disgusting that Apple caved into pressure for pro-choice journalist and activists and removed the app. Apple has clearly demonstrated a pro-choice biased and perhaps pro-life Apple consumers should rethink their relationship with Apple products. Apple clearly does not have your interests at heart.