There’s No Vaccine for Stupidity
Harry McEvansoneya

HPV vaccines are some of the most controversial phramaceutical products on the market. Its uptake in Japan is almost nothing after their government withdrew support- after reading the research. At every point of Gardisil’s checkered development and distribution, is a company dead set on making it work, no matter what the cost. As soon as sane people hear those important points, they begin to have legitimate doubts. And as soon as one says anything about a problem with a vaccine- no matter how utterly unnecessary such as with Gardisil- one is made into a pariah. And it is not because people seeking vaccine safety are flat earthers. Its because people are scared shitless to say anything in such an environment. That is NOT how we advance our understanding of illness and health.

When you unpackage it all, and especially when one understands that there was only EVER an association between vaccinating with this product and a lowered cervical cancer rate (not correlation or causation), you realize that people defending choice and information about this product absolutely must be heard.

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