Day 1 — Recap and Reflection

Today was my first day of the front-end coding at The Iron Yard campus in Salt Lake City. The day was full of discussions, laughs, new challenges and getting to know some of my fellow cohorts better.

The morning started off with a clear and concise lesson presented by Sean Duncan, our course instructor. I must commend him on his ability to switch gears between presenting his lecture, answering all our questions and making the entire day an interesting learning experience. I think my favorite part of his lessons was his “clothes and suitcase” analogy. Though I am not going to try to explain now, but I will attempt to write a blog post at the end of the week on it.

We explored the various functions of terminal, github, atom and how they all communicated with each other to provide the foundations that our code is constructed with. There was a lesson on writing some basic html. Our first assignment was given that encompassed everything we learned and discussed from the lesson. I decided to center my first assignment around one of my favorite sports, which is speedskating.

Today was meaningful to me in a few ways. First, I feel like I finished my day with many more questions then what I came in with. And second, I feel as though I got a few gears turning inside my head that were not turning before. I suppose both of these are fairly common when someone is learning so many new and amazing things for the first time. Finally, I think the cohort I have the pleasure of being a part of has good chemistry. Everyone’s willingness to help each other and have fun while doing it was just the camaraderie I was hoping for in this coding bootcamp.

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