My Crypto experience

For many people, investing in the share markets and crypto exchanges has a peculiar problem. Despite the fact that many more people are investing in the crypto and share markets, only few will get to enjoy profitable benefits from them. And usually, institutions and brokers find it easier than you and I- the everyday people. Surprisingly though, even the big investment firms and brokers with the scale and financial ability sometimes struggle to do it correctly. So it raises the question, if the big guys can’t always do it right, how then can you make impressive profit from industry that is worth several billions of dollars?

Hang on to your hat…

There’s a new guy on the block!

PayperEx! This is the world’s first alternative share market for Crypto private companies and startup’s based on blockchain technology. The concept of PayperEx is quite simple and revolves around your interests, enabling everyone to be a part of the share market.

This is how it works...

You buy share-based units called “Paypers” and the operations is very similar to the stock exchange where you buy stocks. Every transaction made with your Paypers are transparent, fair and recorded in a verifiable way.

What’s the PayperEx advantage?

Say goodbye to the era of not being able to invest in startups because you don’t have access to the information or they aren’t publicly listed. PayperEx is set to revolutionize the market by listing private companies and startups that you may never otherwise get a chance to invest in. Never miss out on a big move again.

The Paypers

Paypers are shares-based units. In a similar manner as in stock exchange, you can buy Paypers based on your financial assets e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. For every underlying asset, PayperEx will issue a limited quantity of Payper. Two types of Paypers will be issued: “BULL” and “œBEAR”. A “BULL Payper” for those who think that the price of the underlying asset will rise, whereas a “BEAR Payper” is for those who think that the price of the underlying asset will fall.

PAX Token

Think of ֲ this like a currency. The PAX is the Token (Coin) issued to allow the public participate in our project and to become members of our network. PAX Token is the only one used on the PayperEx network. Every transaction in the PayperEx network is performed using PAX, making the token an integral part of the network and the driver of its economy. In any activity carried out on the network, PAX is transferred from one participant to another.

In simpler terms, if you trust this project enough to invest in it, you can buy PAX token during the token sale. The value of 1 PAX at the token sale period will be 0.00002 BTC (around $0.1) PAX will be issued only during the token sale, no further tokens will be generated.

When the token sale ends, the PAX token will be traded on the network. And whereas in traditional investments you get shares, here you get the PAX token that will be liquid immediately.

It goes without saying that this is a very good investment. The value of the PAX is on the rise and it will be 1 PAX to $1 in the near future!!!


The PayperEx network has a Unique Fee Sharing Structure in place that guarantees that a percentage of the fee charged per transaction is paid back to the Paypers holder. It is incredible, but you can actually make money just by holding the Paypers. Look at it this way, if you buy 1 Payper (with just 100PAX), you will get back 1000 PAX in your wallet even without doing any other thing.

Multi Cryptocurrencies Private wallet

Also in place on the PayperEx network is the Multi Cryptocurrencies Private wallet feature. It is a payment service that allows users to send and receive funds in a simple and secure way with full control over their money.

With this feature in place, you don’t have to worry about having wallets for each currency, you can use one wallet for all different cryptocurrencies. You can now definitively convert all your different tokens to PAX, quite easily without any hassles.

Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Paypers

It’s easy to understand the advantages of buying Private companies or startups Paypers, but why should you buy Bitcoin Paypers and not just hold regular bitcoins?

There are three main advantages:

1.Low entry price to buy Paypers — Šbitcoin Payper price will be issued at 0.00003 BTC, if you participate at the token sale you will have the option to buy bitcoin Payper at 0.00002 BTC, thereby making a whopping 50% profit.

2.Profit from uptrend and downtrend — today you can profit only if the Bitcoin price rises, but what happens when it falls? Or if you want to hedge your position? Buy Bitcoin bear Paypers!

3.Fee Sharing structure

Obviously, Bitcoin paypers are not going to replace the Bitcoin, but it can defiantly compete with it on the trading area, the upside can be much higher.

The question now would be why haven’t you jumped on this? Stop wasting valuable time, join the pros on the block and make some money while at it.

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