The Sanctification of White Pussy
Tuhina Verma Rasche

What am I going to do? I can’t pretend to speak for others the way you do, but I will do the same thing I assume most past-their-prime white males do:

Get up earlier than most, go to work, ignore my idiot co-workers as they argue with each other from their far left and far right starting points.

Listen to the left bleat and complain about the patriarchy, how that whole hope and change thing just didn’t get enough attention or effort, how they are shocked…SHOCKED, I tell you that their insurance rates are going up or how their policy is being cancelled.

Listen to the right bleat and complain about how the way things used to be before we had bi-lingual menus, and how hard work and not white privilege got them the desk in the corner office.

Gaze in wide eyed wonder at the special snowflakes who enjoy rights and privileges as American citizens which the WORLD has been unable to produce since the dawn of time…and still feel slighted and downtrodden and micro-aggressed.

I’ll say hello to strangers, hold the door open for those behind me, signal my turns and blend into the background wherever possible. I’ll fly under the radar, ignore the memo, set my own pace, enjoy the crisp fall air, make a plan, set the bar just a wee bit higher, do it myself, buy a tool, learn a skill and never, EVER, forget that the world is composed of idiots who actually think that some other idiot in a white house halfway across the country makes a difference in my life.

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