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During the 1984 presidential campaign I was a co-chair of my precinct, actively campaigning against the re-election of Ronald “Alzheimer” Reagan. The manager’s wife in the next precinct next to my of the department I was working in was precinct chairwoman. Later that year, 1985 I received a bad work report from by supervisor on the basis that I couldn't communicate well, I asked what I could do and followed his suggestion to take a course in the local Community College in Public Speaking. I received an A and the instructor asked me to assisted him the following semester. In 1985 my supervisor said I still hadn’t made any improvement and I was given notified that I had 30 days to find another job in the company. One of my acquaintanceship said he was looking for a person with my qualifications and set up an appointment. However, the next day he called me to tell me he had been told not to interview me. I went to the local EEOC person and explained the situation. He told me I had a legal cease against the company for age discriminating but his Federal department, under the control of manager Clarence Thomas, now Supreme Court Justice, had instructed the EEOC to not prosecute in support of individuals like me. Apparently because Thomas had done such a good job he we was appointed a Appellate Federal Judgeship and under GHW Bush was appointed to the Supreme Court. During the Senate hearing, Anita Hill contested his qualifications on the basis of sexual harassment. My risk analysis was that if she was telling the truth and he was lying and they confirmed him to the Supreme Court they would do tremendous damage to the U.S. Judicial system. If she was lying and Tomas was telling the truth and they did not confirm him to the Judgeship, there would be small damage to the American Judicial System. You can see wast has happened.

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