Should I go back to school to get a Computer Science degree?
Preethi Kasireddy

I started programming on an IBM 1620 lab computer with Fortran II in 1965, then worked several years as a technician supporting customers with GE using Dartmouth Basic. When I left GE I worked at an electric utility company developing a system in PL1, SAS, Cobol and SPF. After than I worked using REXX and SQL data base, PLI, and other languages. Most of what I learned was from library books, texts and examples of code. I suggest Thin Basic and REXX, both are free on line systems and pretty easy to develop (Regina is the REXX interpreter I prefer because the have the ability to see exactly what is being interpreted in the code and has variable mathematics precision plus extensive string headlining). REXX user group is available for $25.00 per year. I stopped working at age 70 in 1999.

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