The Great Writing Business Challenge — Week 11 Results

The Great Writing Business Challenge – Week 11 Results
The Great Writing Business Challenge – Week 11 Results

Still working just to get everything done — finally got my opt-in ad worked out for fiction. Not too surprising, the paperback versions of these new fiction books don’t sell. Their reason for being there is to make the ebook look like a bargain. Non-fiction always has paper and hardbacks selling along with the ebooks. And some audio — where I have it available.

The Great Writing Business Challenge — Week 11 Results



Instafreebie/PW: 256
StoryOrigins: 2
Overall Total: 3875

Published Words Fiction:

– free — Own Site: 0, Medium: 0, Wattpad: 0
— paid — Book Outlets: 0, Medium: 0

Published Words Non-Fiction:

– free — Own Site: 3173, Else: 0 (Medum)
— paid — Book Outlets: 0, Medium: 0


Books (pre-)published:

  • None

Books In Progress: 0

Book sales this week:

Draft2Digital — 0, Gumroad — 1, PublishDrive — 0, Amazon — 37, StreetLib –2 = Total Week’s Sales — 40

Lulu sales for February: 1 ebooks, 200 paper/hardback (avg per week — 50 | avg. royalty — $3.17). Next report 15 Mar…

Note: Fiction held its own in Amazon, while overall down on all book outlets.

New Podcast Episodes:


Overall, just shifting gears while still doing what works.

Three main divisions of subscribers are fiction, non-fiction, and writers. Sent out an email to each of them. Fiction gets a lively character talking to them about a book just out of pre-release. Non-fiction gets a helpful tip about mindset stacking/goal achievement. Writers got an email addressing each of their concerns per survey.

Got two more podcasts out this week, Nightingale classics. I’ll do that again this week. While I’m at it, I’m also upgrading my book with revisions. Matching the articles to the book. Those will grow my “Completely Change Your Life Podcasts” bit by bit. At two per week, I’ll add another 76 episodes this year. (Out of 240 possible. Might increase this, in order to have 250 total (5 episodes per week). Some of my originally recorded chapters will be replaced with original Nightingale, if not all. I also have some other recordings that can be excerpted and transcribed. A massive side-project.

Also got an earlier version of “Magic of Believing” audio. This is more powerful than the later editions I’ve had up to this point. So these will need replacing. Same with “Wake Up and Live.” Upgrades. I might invest in a later edition of “Think and Grow Rich” as well.

Interruptions last week

One day at the local auction checking out bottle calves — way too pricey.

One day saving a new baby calf’s life when the momma rejected it the first day — bottle-feeding and getting the pair up to the barn with clean straw and shelter.

It’s my hope that developing a blitz approach — seeing what I can get done every day on just one area — will start solving things.

Found a site — and can’t find it now — that does 3D books and also ad graphics. For about $100 per year.

Key point is staying focused

Main approach is to build organic opt-in’s by upgrading all my books. Once the Instafreebie opt-in’s quit, then it will be a slow decline as the new ones from the last few months sort themselves out. I don’t have a lot of Story Origin giveaways running, and so I don’t have a comparison.

Simpler would be to simply keep paying IF, and joining their giveaways again — but not as a verified organizer, which has too much overhead. Become a lurker there. Just send people to the monthly giveaways my books are part of — which the giveaway subscribers get a link to when they start. Work out how to just spend minimal time there. I will have to sort out which of my books have produced the best, then find giveaways they can be placed in. Interestingly, I’ve seen an uptick in Romance subscribers recently, and those I get are responsive. So I may put my clean romance books into those giveaways again, which was earlier a boost to subscribers. (But running romance giveaways was always a pain.)

I have to update backmatter content into all my books, in order of their sales. That includes reader magnet opt-in ads. Vital.

Also, I need to port all my fiction to Wattpad for those organic opt-ins. That will happen as I republish each book. With the lack of response to fiction on Medium, I’d drop that — but since I’ll already post my short stories to my own site, then they’ll automatically be placed on Medium, and so need a short editing round. That work gets them ready for Wattpad.

I’d like to crank out all the “required work” in the beginning of the week (like — by Wed) and then write new fiction the rest.

And starting FB Ads won’t happen until I’m happy with my book’s backmatter being in good shape.

General priorities (subscribers) -

  1. Continue weekly emails to subscribers
  2. Organic subscriber lines built up (book backmatter, Wattpad, Medium)
  3. IF maintained until Story Origin can replace
  4. Once organic routes are in place, the segue to FB and other ads

Content priorities -

  • Continue to add more goal-achievement podcast episodes and articles. -> opt-in’s
  • Distill these into articles for Medium -> opt-in’s
  • Continue creating new fiction with improved backmatter.

Sequence of these one-day blitzes

  • Any needed organizing. (Once major templates are set, these speed up.)
  • One book taken all the way to done — published everywhere.
  • Another book taken all the way done.
  • Another book — until no more time left.

Those Four Pieces of Paper, Revisited

This is an evolution — for you and your world, everyone around you.

Once you make that card and review it daily, your outlook changes. It’s spooky, but you start actually finding what Nightingale said in his “Strangest Secret” recording.

Actually, I took that transcript and found it fit into the “press release” paper simply. You find that all he was talking about in that recording was goal achievement.

So that opened my eyes wider. What I’ve been pushing all these years is directly from that one recording, supplemented by the books he referenced. That also gives me a more focused view of how I can give the best, most valuable service and products.

If we could improve the percentage of people who make their goals, then the world would be just that much better a place to live — for all of us.

I’ve revised my goal paper at least three times now — the mission statement twice. And my own advice about setting and keeping to the 6 steps daily is remarkable. You might believe how many distractions there are during a day. Meanwhile, as I pointed out above, the “Strangest Secret” recording gave me a leg up in working out the product/services I should be producing. (And can see how developing a mutual-support function just for the Strangest Secret 30-day program would be useful. Even vital.)

If you haven’t tried hand-writing out your own 4 pieces of paper — you should.

Note: I’m testing the idea of simply having 6 — and only 6 — targets for the week.

The Other Key Point — Unbelievable

Assume the success you want has already happened. Old news. Simple. Look for the miraculous every day and then you’ll quit waiting for it to show up. Study the arcane as if it’s the boring tedium that “everyone knows”.

Meaning — I really need to get back to writing fiction. Vast conspiracies succeed because they are “unbelievable” — to the point that there are conspiracy theorists who point out the bizarre around us and give plausible explanations, which are impossible to prove. X-Files stuff. (Of course, I’m reminding me that I have the entire set of these burned to my hard drive — one of them — and haven’t watched them. Nice stuff. Pure speculative fiction.

Of course, there are individuals assigned to study all these bizarre instances of alternate reality. And explain them as swamp gas. “Men in Black” became a three-parter.

That’s the point of Magic of Believing. Believe what everyone else considers impossible — and you’ll have the fantasies of L. Frank Baum. Or the realities that only 2% on this planet actually put into use. Goal achievement.

Sure. My books turn into fantasy. I should probably get someone to start making comic books out of them. About the right length. Then they can become movies.

Because normal is too normal for me. You start from there.

How else to you explain how the strangest secrets can be hidden in plain sight? Fiction writing. Perfect.

Last Week’s To-Do’s

  • Emails out YUP
  • New fiction book written, published. NOPE
  • Four pieces of writing revisited, validated. YUP
  • Finalize backmatter for both fiction and non-fiction. NOPE
  • 2 fiction books to own site, Wattpad, Medium, republished. NOPE
  • Set up replacement giveaways on Story Origin as replacements. NOPE
  • 2 topselling non fiction books republished. NOPE
  • New podcast (Nightingale extract). YUP

This week’s To-Do’s

  1. Emails out (one day blitz)
  2. New podcasts posted (one day blitz)
  3. Landing page built/reviewed for fiction opt-in’s, One day blitz on fiction book republishing
  4. Ad and landing page built/reviewed for non-fiction (SSL) , One day blitz on non-fiction (SSL) books republishing
  5. Rest of week on simply writing-publishing new fiction.

Originally published at Living Sensical.