The Great Writing Business Challenge — Week 18 Results

The Great Writing Business Challenge – Week 18 Results
The Great Writing Business Challenge – Week 18 Results

Well, a short week, since it only really started on Thurs due to last week’s publishing. Yet there were breakthroughs on how to best serve Wattpad…

The Great Writing Business Challenge — Week 18 Results



Instafreebie/PW: 49/198 (Actual vs. Reported: 50%)
StoryOrigins: 0
Overall Total: 3546 (Again came up some…)

Published Words Fiction:

– free — Own Site: 0, Medium: 0, Wattpad: 0
— paid — Book Outlets: 11953, Medium: 0

Published Words Non-Fiction:

– free — Own Site: 474, Else: 0 (Medium)
— paid — Book Outlets: 0, Medium: 0


Books updated:

  • Total: 31 (out of 117 individual books)

Books (pre-)published:

Books In Progress:

  • Origin Tales: Mysti

Book sales this week:

Draft2Digital — 0, Gumroad — 0, PublishDrive — 1, Amazon — 22, StreetLib — 0 = Total Week’s Sales — 23

Lulu sales for April: -1 ebooks, 250 paper/hardback (avg per week — 50 | avg. royalty — $3.30) only three fiction out of that. Next report 15 May

Note: Amazon Fiction — 0/22=0% — Crash. Unlike my non-fiction, there are no continuing sales to these titles (yet) only those I generate myself. No freak out. Do what won before. Lots of updates may shove my books up on their recommendations — doesn’t matter. I have to keep to my strategy.

New Podcast Episodes:

  • 0


So I started picking up a new fiction right after the last one. Dog-sitting my sister’s pet almost derailed it. But I wrapped it up. And this gave me an insight into how to best serve Wattpad.

Did squeeze in some fiction book updates. No podcasts. One non-fiction from last week got through Amazon after one of their bots sent me a boilerplate and I complained via CC: to — got back a short note saying my book was now approved, signed AMAZON (their all caps.) That place could use some humanizing…

Instafreebie subscribers are that lower percentage as once unsubscribed, they don’t get another chance. They’d probably have to sign up directly via one of my forms. Of course, that means I’m weeding out the pure freebie seekers right off. Good to know. (So that takes it back to 40% of 30% of claims — or about .12% of claims. IF basically wears itself out if your own onboarding and “overboarding” is in good shape. And if you are actively training your subscribers to respond. The vast bulk of my subscribers are from IF and those that remain are quite responsive. Just takes time, though.

[Sidebar: Rude subscribers — Cut them loose. I got one this week who was acting stupid. Not even full sentences — just demanding a password he’d lost. I looked up his stats as a subscriber and since he was on the lower end of decent I cut him some slack and just took him out of any promotion for Advance Reader Club — we’ll see if he’s just not a freebie seeker. At least I didn’t unsubscribe him entirely. You own your own subscriber list. I don’t have to put up with rude or stupid. Although I did move the login link down onto the sidebar at the bottom — since “some” people kept trying to login and no one needs to except me — the old membership is still there, but was too problematic. I’ve cut stupid and obvious freebie seekers loose before. Can’t fix either one of them. They don’t buy books.]

Emphasis on reader magnet updates — so I can get into Wattpad (bigly) — means no more podcasts in the near future. Again, the overall strategy is to get organic opt-ins rising as priority.

After that will be creating courses for non-fiction books — short courses as add-on’s and reader magnets. The courses I’ll start creating via email to begin with (as I need to build relations with those small lists) then building video’s for these and syndicating to Skillshare and Udemy at that point.

Wattpad and Book Universes Notes

I got into updating fiction books (needed a break from writing to recharge my inspiration) and have been putting Book Universes Notes in the backs of these to tie them into other books. And I saw that there needed to be a sequence on how to post these to Wattpad — namely, a strategy.

The last two fiction books I wrote were actually filling holes in the Hooman Saga Universe. I’ve got another story universe about the “Lazurai” which is crossed over into the two others (last one being Ghost Hunters.) Everything else is just a stand-alone, other than one very independent series that sort of crosses into Hooman Saga (just long enough to get a back link in their Universes Notes.) In doing these “hole-fillers” I saw that it made some changes in the first Hooman Saga anthology (Book One) and that this would be the way to actually give the Wattpad stories their due. Start at the earliest beginning (on that linear time track) and publish in order. Then do a mini Book Universes Notes on Wattpad that links to Wattpad stories.

The standalone books don’t really need that addon, just updated Reader Magnets. So the push this week to get as many done as possible, probably doing all the stand-alones I can.

Right now, toying with making supplemental anthologies for books that aren’t in the Hooman Saga timeline, but are necessary to understand these characters. This mainly shows up just prior to Book II: 2, where S. H. Marpel brought in many of his characters to solve plot situations (they were each adapted to living in space, and the action was occurring in and on the Moon.)

All this is stored and worked out in Calibre, which is a godsend for an author’s administration (for 117 single books and 39 anthologies — and counting.)

Anthologies Galore

This did bring up that Hooman Saga Book One revision (over 300 pages now). Plus I have the three-month “New Voices” anthology to crank out. Another inspired point is to select just the key books that give a character bible for the Ghost Hunters.

Ghost Hunters by S. H. Marpel
The Lazurai by J. R. Kruze
The Lazurai Returns by J. R. Kruze, C. C. Brower
The Lazurai Emergence by C. C. Brower & S. H. Marpel
Gaia by S. H. Marpel
Harpy by S. H. Marpel
Harpy’s Desires by S. H. Marpel
The Training: Tess by S. H. Marpel
The Training: Sylvie by S. H. Marpel
The Training: Star by S. H. Marpel
The Training: Mysti by S. H. Marpel
Time Bent by S. H. Marpel
The Mystery of Meri by S. H. Marpel
Ghost of the Machine by S. H. Marpel
Clocktower Mystery by S. H. Marpel
Mind Timing by R. L. Saunders, C. C. Brower
A Case of Missing Wings by S. H. Marpel, J. R. Kruze

All that shows up at 500 pages.

The Hooman Saga is similar. So I probably need to simply write a single primer which is organized by characters and give it away as an addon (with a 100% discount special link — that gives me their email.) It won’t be a character bible, but might be useful short-hand for hair color and usual outfit. Leave out the stand-alone, except where they have formed a short series (Lori Saga, The Girl Who __ Tomorrow, Witches, talking animals,

The problem with being prolific is that you have to not only keep being prolific, but figure out how to clean up after yourself.

Updating Reader Magnets

One of the points I have to keep in is organic — getting reader magnets in my SSL books, which are my biggest area of sales. So I must work these up, regardless of how I have to fuss with Amazon to get them approved.

Fiction is so much simpler and has much more support. By my own experience it is still a very simple leverage. Meanwhile, most of my income is coming through non-fiction, which gets no promotion. That approach is through Wattpad next, right after updating all the backmatter and prioritizing them as above.

Last Week’s To-Do’s:

  • Emails out — blitz YUP (the key ones)
  • New podcasts posted — blitz NOPE
  • Fiction publishing backends — blitz NOPE
  • Auction (placeholder — this doesn’t help my booksales.)
  • Non-fiction backends — blitz (pilot study — print versions) One book, see above.
  • Weekend for new fiction and this report YUP — and then some.

This Week’s To-Do’s:

  1. MON — Emails out
  2. TUES, WED — blitz fiction reader magnets
  3. THU — (Auction) Non-fiction revisions — by sales
  4. FRI — Anthologies published — two at least, stage these preorders (within Amazon’s 90-day limits — fill holes in pre-orders so at least one per week.)
  5. SAT/SUN — New fiction or new anthologies published, this report

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