The Great Writing Business Challenge — Week 20 Results

The Great Writing Business Challenge – Week 20 Results
The Great Writing Business Challenge – Week 20 Results

Worked on just updating fiction books — and they’re all done now. 77! Last week’s monster work-up was the worst. Many needed little except a better reader magnet. This week will be re-publishing the lot, and updating all copies and versions I have. Then for non-fiction…

The Great Writing Business Challenge — Week 20 Results



Instafreebie/PW: 35/126 (Actual vs. Reported: 27%)
StoryOrigins: 0
Overall Total: 3606 (Yet again came up some… 3 weeks steady increase.)

Published Words Fiction:

– free — Own Site: 0, Medium: 0, Wattpad: 0
— paid — Book Outlets: 62400, Medium: 0

Published Words Non-Fiction:

– free — Own Site: 1995, Else: 0 (Medium)
— paid — Book Outlets: 0, Medium: 0


Books updated:

  • Total: 77 more fiction books, both singles and anthologies

Books (pre-)published:

  • 2

Books In Progress:

  • Hermione

Book sales this week:

Draft2Digital — 0, Gumroad — 3, PublishDrive — 1, StreetLib — 0, Amazon — 40 = Total Week’s Sales — 43

Note: Amazon Fiction — 9/40=22.5% — same strategy. Ads will start after Wattpad blitz.

Lulu sales for April: 5 PDF ebooks, 157 paper/hardback (avg per week — 50 | avg. royalty — $3.79) only three fiction out of that. Next report (for May) 15 June

New Podcast Episodes:

  • 0


Main point was doing one thing and only that. So I got all the fiction books worked up that are going to be. The single standalones will stay with their old opt-in link unless they come to attention for some reason. Best way to write is in series — and anthologies. Only profitable ads will be books that can be sold for $3.99 or better.

Strategy is:

Finish updating all fiction — meaning now, republishing some 60 books. This will also include having D2D create their paperbacks.

  1. Update all SSL (self-improvement) non-fiction back matter and republish.
  2. Publish Hooman Saga and Ghost Hunter series to Wattpad
  3. Round up all books that formerly sold via Lulu ebooks and update, republish these.
  4. Restudy all material on Facebook, AMS ads and start implementing these.
  5. Go through non-fiction and start regularly creating courses for these — batches of books by topics. Segment these subscribers as needed away from others.

That brings up the point of narrowing LiveSensical to simply goal-achievement, not all self-help. And might mean narrowing down non-fiction to how this helps authors and content providers.

Incidental breakthroughs

As pars of reviewing all these books, I have found where certain holes still exist, as well as jumping-off points for other new fiction.

One which caught my inspiration was “Hermione” — a cat who is a shapeshifter in the Ghost Hunters universe. She shows up in three stories, but is about to have a mystery that John will be helping her solve.

I’ve also created three other covers in the last two weeks, but took them out of my Calibre database as the inspiration went somewhere else. I might have as many as 20 of these book covers sitting there, all just waiting for me to come back and write them up.

In working up Human Saga: Book One, it also laid out Book Three and Four as to setting and theme. Three is the moon colony and protecting Earth from attack, while Four is rebuilding the planet while dealing with a fair number of selfish, greedy individuals (such as the ones who started this mess with the cities originally.) I have a good idea for an uber-enemy for Three — someone that will keep my four heroines busy up there. (Of course, there will be love interests for each of them…) The main character of “The Girl Who Became Tomorrow” will be dominating Four as a repeating influence. Sue’s goal is now achieved for the Hooman Saga, so she may simply stick to her valley and raising a family (however “un-woke” that is these days.)

I’m not too worried about writing new fiction every week, as long as I’m publishing something new that week — and I’ve recently had several anthologies going out. (5 in the past two weeks.)

The overall model is to keep producing at least one new short story or published work each week. And so continuing to expand my backlist. Catching up with Wattpad, and then expanding into ads will boost both organic opt-ins and sales.

Knowing that I’ll be publishing to Wattpad, this is a lot like backwards publishing non-fiction. Wattpad means serials and long character-story arcs. I still think that writing in short stories is the way to build bigger works. But you have to keep in mind that you’re building bigger works.

The other option (and Erle Stanley Gardner said this was his profit-maker) is to have a recurring character, or set of characters (such as Ghost Hunters) that are involved in different scenarios each week. (Makes me want to dig out Star Gate and watch these in their released order. Lots of interruptions from time to time.)

The great thing about standalones is that you can come back at any time and expand out from there.

A Larger View

There is a very interesting scene that is developing as I keep re-listening to Magic of Believing and the other Strangest Secret references. Contrasting these with our current social and conventional news media shows that there is a definite correlation to the breakdown in our society being foretold in the various religious and philosophy texts. Actually, this happens over and over (and over) because — people simply don’t study their own history, and that means studying their own philosophies.

This really comes back to the point of goal achievement. Boiling these down, the most successful say that you have to consider that you work to achieve the best for all concerned — for humanity itself. And that in order to keep what you get, you need to help people find out how to get these things for themselves. You have to teach what you’ve learned is the most workable.

The people with the worst problems are the least philosophic or religious. And, “the poor will always be with us.” Those are the people who settle, who conform.

And Karma is very real. Because it’s based on the Golden Rule — which is in every religion and long-standing philosophic belief system on this planet. It’s easily observed and true. People who are selfish and greedy (Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Bezos, for instance) will not be able to hold onto what they have. So you don’t worry about them.

You work out goals for yourself that are heady, that make you gulp, that are 10x where you are now. Then you’ll get help from the Infinite, because that is where it lives. The bigger goal you set, the more help you’ll get from the most powerful sources out there. Look over Science of Getting Rich again. Lots of other books like that.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that you just use the J. B. Jones “say yes or no” step to what passes for Reality. You are making your own Actuality through your vision and your beliefs. Ignore social and “news” media and create your own path.

As long as your goal aligns to what is the best possible outcome for humanity, you’ll be able to have and be whatever you want — permanently.

Too simple. Like most strange secrets — it’s been in plain sight all of our lives. It just takes looking for it — to find it.

The Working Model

  • Keep in the discipline of writing/publishing one new book each week.
  • When caught up below, add in daily promotion via ads and podcast interviews.
  • Still in catch-up mode with reader magnets and backmatter for fiction, as well as publishing to Wattpad.
  • Moving forward from this will be to round up anything else that’s regularly sold in non-fiction and update these as well. Segment these audiences, collect subscribers.
  • Building courses for all selling non-fiction, along with audio books, hardback editions.

There’s a note here of working up anything that sells routinely into capturing subscribers and providing additional value. While fiction has the greatest potential for expansion, it is very much a work in progress. My main support is coming from non-fiction, where it is harder to get subscribers. And so you add short courses as lead-gens/magnets. Non-fiction tends to sell more audiobooks, paperbacks, and hardbacks, in addition to ebooks. Fiction is almost entirely ebooks, with some audio.

My approach is to write fiction parables, and lead people back to the non-fiction ideas which inspire them — goal achievement.

Where is the podcast tactical?

Just after these big blitzes. Then I’ll be able to get back to my regular weekly schedule:

  • Daily — ads and promotions after below blitz’s for that day are done
  • Mon emails
  • Tues new podcasts
  • Wed non-fiction courses
  • Thurs auction and catch up anything above
  • Fri-Sun new book and this report.


I’m writing a book on grazing while I’m out checking pastures. Need to start recording my notes on this via smartphone as I walk, then transcribe for editing later. Also have a Go-Pro, which might be the way to approach this. And I have a stack of books waiting to re-study on grazing in order to get this book into shape.

Last Week’s To-Do’s:

  • Emails out (Mon) YUP
  • Volunteer actions (one day) (Tues) YUP
  • Auction (Thurs) YUP
  • Rest of week, and in between — update and publish all waiting anthologies YUP

This Weeks’ To-Do’s

  1. Emails out — blitz (Mon)
  2. Re-publish fiction through all possible time this week — get all these re-published.
  3. If any time left, use this on Wattpad research review/update.
  4. Thursday auction (taking a cow and her calf this week)

Strategic Sequence

  • Write/publish one new book each week.
  • Finish updating all fiction with backmatter (re-publishing is left)
  • Publish Hooman Saga and Ghost Hunter series to Wattpad
  • Update all SSL (self-improvement) non-fiction back matter and republish.
  • Round up all books that formerly sold via Lulu ebooks and update, republish these.
  • Restudy all material on Facebook, AMS ads and start implementing these.
  • Go through non-fiction and start regularly creating courses for these — batches of books by topics. Segment these subscribers as needed away from others.

Originally published at Living Sensical.