Imagine the GSW LOD against the ’97 Bulls!
Kristian Holvoet

Ron Harper was 33 by 1997 and was playing about 20 minutes a game. He was a good defender but far from great by that time. That Bulls lineup has 2 players with no offensive game at all by that time, 2 players not equipped to defend at the 3 point line — for all of Rodman’s amazingness, he didn’t defend that far from the basket — and the difference between KD and Kukoc is the difference between someone who will probably be a top 10 player all time and a solid player. Those Bulls were dominating the weakest era of basketball since the mid 1970s. I don’t even like GS or even care about basketball as much now as I did 20 years ago but listening to people of a certain age talk about the Bulls is less credible than listening to George Wendt talk about da Bears.

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