Robert Deiters interviewing Caden Fabbi

Caden Fabbi is the student body president at the University of Nevada, Reno. The Las Vegas native became involved with Associated Students of the University of Nevada and is a leader of the university. He has made a huge impact on campus and getting all the students involved. Fabbi has grown a love for Reno ever since he moved away from Vegas. He has many goals set for the future of UNR in the next decade.

“This year, I’m really focused on the future for our students and writing a strategic plan for the next 10 years,” said Fabbi.

Fabbi says he is planning for the students’ futures by focusing on leadership, development programs, sustainability, and keeping the campus green. His plans focus mainly on the next decade. He wants the university to have more of a presence in the local governing bodies. He has interviewed over fifty administrators and teachers about the future of the school. Also, Fabbi says he does student study groups to get feedback about what the students want on campus.

“I’m looking at the next ten years, on our campus until 2025 and trying to figure out the student experience by then and what we want as students on campus,” said Fabbi.

Fabbi also has ideas for bringing the campus visually to the city of Reno including painting the Wolf Pack symbols all across town. For example, Fabbi wants the Wolf Pack symbol on I-80 to represent the school over the bridge near the exit of Virginia Street.

“The people who have been around the campus, really love the campus and want to send their kids here because of the budget cuts,” said Fabbi.

Diversity has been growing and expanding all over Reno since Fabbi has been the ASUN President. Fabbi explained the culture of Reno is represented everywhere and some people don’t understand until they see it.

“Our campus is pretty diverse, and were becoming more diverse as time goes, but maybe not as diverse as Reno. We are taking steps in that direction to become as diverse as Reno,” said Fabbi.

For example, the midtown area in Reno has specific food and food trucks for Friday events that reveal the culture of Reno. The “Taste of Reno” event had over 90 vendors and nonprofits in the first week of school. The event got the students to try different kinds of food from different cultures.

Being the ASUN President can be easy and hard at the same time. He loves to represent the students every day and cares about them. The toughest part of being the ASUN President is “putting a new fire out every day.” A new challenge awaits Fabbi every day.

“The easiest part (of being ASUN President) is that I enjoy it, its fun, a cool job, and I actually get paid for it,” said Fabbi.

The ASUN is made up of every student on campus. Every student pays a $5 for every semester credit towards ASUN. The budget for ASUN rounds up to 2.4 million dollars and helps run many programs like Campus Escort. Fabbi has learned to deal with all the budget cuts and still be very successful for putting on events for students.

Caden Fabbi is planning a bright future for the university in the next ten years. He will make it a better place for all the students on campus. Fabbi has helped develop the growth of the diversity on campus and spreading it throughout Reno. Lastly, the toughest part of being the ASUN President is learning to deal with any new challenges that come your way and finding a solution to it.

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