Moving Forward: Ideas for the DNC
Ilyse Hogue

Hi Ilyse,

I am concerned about some of your comments about the NSA and hope you will be able to clarify. When you say that “if the NSA under a Democratic administration did not prevent this, the Party must push for whatever it takes to counter this ongoing threat in the future” it seems to imply that the NSA ought to be even more empowered to intercept domestic communication.

As a technical person, it is unclear to me how they would be able to distinguish between good traffic from malicious traffic without analyzing the traffic itself. Even if they are limited to collecting only metadata and not the content of communications, it would still leave them with the technical capability to provide Mike Pence, if he asked, with a list of folks who had recently called or emailed their local abortion provider. I assume there are legal protections in place to prevent this, but it is my understanding that it would be up to a Department of Justice headed by Jeff Sessions to enforce them. I find that troubling.

For what it’s worth, the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are both very enthusiastic about improving internet security standards so that consumers’ devices and accounts are more well-protected *by default*. Such strategies would bolster our digital security without requiring us to rely on what has become a dangerous surveillance organization.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

-Robert D. French

P.S. As an occasional volunteer for Planned Parenthood, I think NARAL is awesome, and I am very excited about your candidacy.

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