Classic AR2434 Or Sportivo AR5905, Which Armani Watch Is Perfect For You?


Both Armani watches namely AR2434 and AR5905 have similar features such as chronograph and water resistance, but have different strap sizes and colors.

Armani watches outclass all other brands as they are simple yet modern and fashionable. Watches made by Armani have been ruling the wristwatch industry as they are classy and elevate your elegance. If you are a watch lover, we are sure you must be having at least one Armani watch in your collection. And why not? Armani watches are true display of class and fashion. But honestly, it is really a tough task to choose the perfect watch when you browse the whole new collection of watches released by Armani. You are supposed to take care of your budget and needs while buying a watch of your choice. In recent years, two wristwatches of Armani that have been in limelight are the classic AR2434 and Sportivo AR5905. Both of these watches have astounding features that every watch must have.

We understand that it is really difficult for a person to select between two mens watches when they have many similar specifications. However, there are few points of comparisons as well. You need to review these in order to judge which watch suits your personality and fulfills your needs.


Have a look at the similarities here.

Case width:

The case width for both the watches is identical (42 mm).

Case depth:

The case depth is also approximately same (10 mm).


Both the timepieces have chronograph feature. For those wondering what this is, it is the feature that displays date.

Case type:

The case type for both watches is stainless steel.

Strap width:

The strap width is also same being 20 mm.

Water Resistance:

Water resistance is an important feature for all watches. The capacity is same of 50 metres in both watches.

Dial Colour:

The dial colour for both watches is identical being black.

Clasp Type:

The clasp type is hidden in both the watches.


Have a look at differences here.

Strap size:

It is variable.

● AR 2434 can have a minimum strap size of 170 mm and maximum of 230 mm.

● AR 5905 can have a minimum strap size of 130 mm and maximum of 220 mm.

Strap color:

The strap color for both watches is different. AR 2434 has strap color of silver while AR 5905 has strap color of black.

PVD Rose Plating:

AR 5905 has a rose plating while AR 2434 does not.

Apart from all these, both the watches come in same packages with same warranty durations. Armani watches are a sign of class and elegance. Thus, we cannot declare any of these two watches better than the other. It is your task to choose which of these suits your personality.

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