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Faster Genocidal Policies

This letter was addressed to every member of the House & Senate VA Committees as well as the leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs after months of phone calls and unanswered letters. The policies have not changed and our court case is in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Case #18–5775 and 18–5879. The government’s attorneys are doing everything in their power to dismiss the charges by claiming Sovereign Immunity. My latest response is Document 43 — Response to Roe’s Dismissal Request

I’ve done all I can do to end these DENY till DEAD policies sanctioned by the United States Congress and now, I am placing all my eggs in one basket…

“For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.” Deuteronomy 20–4

Robert D. Rose Jr.
1310 Imperial Court
Gray, TN 37615

Subject: DUH!!! Should have seen it sooner…

May 30, 2017

Dear Senatorial Legislative Assistants, Members of the Veterans Affairs and Members of the Press:

I have come to realize that my letters/emails are not getting past congressional aids. I had to ask myself why that it is and came to the conclusion: you do not need the research or comments from Chronic Pain Patients because you already know what your genocidal policies are doing to us. DUH! Why didn’t I see it sooner?

So during this Memorial Day weekend, I had plenty of time to think. The reason is because my lawn was up to the knee and I was so embarrassed, I forced myself to mow it on Friday. I spent the rest of the evening, ALL of Saturday and most of Sunday in bed writhing in pain. Yesterday, Memorial Day, I was only able to spend a couple of hours with my sons and their wife/fiancé.

Now on Saturday, that was the worst. It was so bad I would have welcomed the sweet kiss of death so as to join Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. No! I am not suicidal or homicidal (very thin line don’t ya think?). Still, this experience and many others since you implemented the genocidal policies targeting veterans, the elderly, Chronic Pain Patients and even cancer patients have left me thinking. Instead of the slow, cruel and inhuman torture, you are putting us through (Hell on Earth), maybe you would consider changing your policies to make it quick and painless. I have even come up with several great ideas to help you along with the new improved genocide policy.

M16, AR15, AK47, M203 Grenade launcher, claymore mines, hand grenades, TNT, Plastic Explosives, rocket launchers, M1 Abrams, 50 caliber machine guns, SMAWs, Anthrax, Nerve agents, swords, punji sticks, Semtex, C4, suicide bombers, IEDs, ammonia nitrate, cyanide, firing squad, electric chair, shank, Chlorine Gas, Mustard Gas, potassium chloride, truck bomb, car bomb, snipers, arsenic, 105mm Howitzers, mortars, knives, mercury, Camp Lejeune's water (nah that’s too slow), bayonets, razor wire, piano wire, nitroglycerin (the boom boom kind), H-Bomb, A-Bomb, Tomahawks, MOAB — these are just to name a few.

Now since I am compassionate, I would warn the so-called medical professionals to evacuate the VAs or disabled centers before using most of this stuff but if you don’t, it is understandable. You would be getting rid of the witnesses that could testify to the genocide along with us. I and every other non-suicidal AMERICAN suffering from old age, being a veteran, Chronic Pain Patient or cancer patient would appreciate your adopting these new improved genocide policies to end our suffering quickly and merciful. I mean even prisoners on death row are protected from cruel and inhumane treatment; are we not better than them?

Thank you, take care and may God bless. 
 Robert D. Rose Jr.
 Semper Fidelis

We defended your freedoms…
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