Need to Keep Official Scoreboard on Trump

I can understand the psychological pull to give Trump a chance. Most Democrats and, I’d imagine, at least a few Independents and even Republicans, still feel indignant at how Obama was treated by the opposition, right from the start. And, we don’t want to be like they were. Furthermore, it is clear that as long as the Democrats and Republicans are committed more to opposing each other than to progress for our country,we are not going to accomplish much (in fact, the health of the economy, especially compared to the rest of the world, is an incredible feat of the Obama administrations). So, I have a modest suggestion that is not negative at all, but provides the opportunity to hold Trump accountable (which could be good or bad for him,depending upon how he and his administration actually perform).

We need the Democrats to form and then publicize a group/organization that will publish and retain (on a web site accessible to all)the promises and proclamations of Trump and his minions. It can start now with what Trump has said about the Carrier deal he made (through his VP). Let’s see how it plays out. How about the promises today from Trump about the Japanese bank promise of billions in investment and thousands of new jobs?

I am sure that there are already groups planning or doing this — but more sites will mean less impact. We need one site/destination which can develop a mass audience by all elected Democrats touting it as the place to go for the Trump scores. ( There will still be plenty for other groups do: conflicts of interest should be a fairly vibrant area.)

This destination should also record the numbers at the beginning of Trump’s reign — unemployment, number of jobs started under Obama, stock market,etc — so that these facts can easily be recalled.

All of this is needed so that facts (for those of us who still believe in them) and accountability can be seen by all; and maybe keep the great distracter from continually avoiding being held responsible if/when his wild claims are not met.

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