These Truths Are Self-Evident

The Democrats and good people everywhere (including the real media) continue to be easily distracted by Trump,Spicer, and their echo chamber.All who value facts should stick to these points and refuse to be seduced by the tweets (that may or may not be in quotes, reconstructed or defended with alternative facts).

What we know to be true:

President Trump lost the popular vote so any attempt to assert that the people voted for any of his specific vague ideas is misguided

President Trump has publicly fired only 2 people in the past year. Both of them were senior people in his campaign and one was then rewarded with the top national security role. They were both fired because of discussions they had with Russia, which also prompted Trump’s AG to recuse himself. (If the Trumpet is particularly obnoxious, one can point out that Trump didn’t even fire the worker who took responsibility for humiliating his wife through plagiarism.)

The head of the FBI, who greatly aided the Trump campaign, has said there has been an investigation of the Russian links to the Trump campaign — and it was started in July. (Such an investigation obviously suggests there was already sufficient evidence to create the need for the inquiry )

Trump’s tweet about being phone tapped (the one without quotation marks slandering Obama) has been refuted by everyone including Spicer if one takes what the President writes “literally.”

If there is support for that tweet, the President can declassify any documents with evidence of it. There is no reason to cite Fox News or other sources based on leaks of material. (Maybe Nunes didn’t realize this??)

If supporters of truth and justice stick to these points and refuse to indulge in diversions, watching cable news would be far more pleasant and there would be a great deal more time to delve into real issues.

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