Why is Pence Getting a Free Ride?

I am amazed at how little scrutiny there is of the potential next President. While I understand with Trump sucking up all the media air it is hard to understand why Pence (not to mention other cricket leadership republicans) is getting zero attention, except as the unfortunate, innocent recipient of the infamous Flynn lie.

The media has played the story line exactly how team Pence wants — suggesting it is his allies who may be getting that inattention as the quid pro quo. Somehow, the president’s people kept the VP in total darkness about what they knew about Flynn. Seemingly, the transition team that he headed also kept him in the dark when they heard that Flynn was in trouble with the Justice Department. And, whenever his name is brought up now, it’s only to say, yes, “they are keeping him in the dark.” (He’s not even allowed on the international party plane.)

Of course, Pence was supposed to be the insider leading the novice President to handle the legislative environment in DC. How’s that working so far? Well, it’s all Ryan’s fault, or the Democrats’ but not our Teflon VP.

Why isn’t the media insistent that he speak out about what he knew about Flynn — and when? More vitally, why did he provide the initial fake cover story about the firing of Comey? He was clearly a willing part of a cover up — and if he says he was “kept in the dark” yet again, how gullible is he? Will he, too, believe that Putin just wants to be our friend?

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