LG — Life Not So Good

This is not the kind of thing I write very often but…

If you are thinking of buying any product from the Korean company LG, I’d advise you to think again.

Until now, I’ve been rather a fan, with a list of purchases that includes a flat screen TV, a large fridge-freezer, a 360 degree camera and a couple of smartphones.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those phones — and the way LG has behaved — that has brought an abrupt end to our relationship.

To cut a long story short, after looking at alternatives to simply upgrading my ageing iPhone, in December 2015, I decided to buy an LG G4 which came highly recommended. For just over 14 months I was very happy with it, but then suddenly a week ago, it became very hot and refused to restart.

A bit of Googling revealed that the phone had fallen prey to an ailment known as ‘Bootloop’, to which apparently that model is often subject. The cause of the problem is, it seems, faulty soldering, and there is no ready cure. (Online advice includes baking the phone in an oven briefly in order to get information off it before it finally pops its clogs).

LG admits the problem

I contacted LG online, and discovered that because the online retail business from whom I bought the phone was in Taiwan (which I did not know at the time I was making my purchase in the UK), the company could not offer me any help in getting it back online.

The three options were: 
a) pay to have it repaired
b) try to get LG Taiwan to repair it (which would not work because they would apparently have to collect it from a Taiwanese address)
c) try to reclaim the purchase cost from my credit card company.

I am going to focus on option c) but even if I succeed it obtaining a refund, that hardly constitutes LG consumer service.

I cannot be certain LG wouldn’t have treated me better if my problem had been a similar production fault in an expensive TV a month or so out of warranty. But now, after looking at this Trustpilot data I have no faith that they would..

Over 90% of 139 reviewers gave LG one star for its service..

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