The Hypocrisy of Us, Educated Liberals
Ben B.

There is on occasion a whiff of hope that permeates the air from which we seek sustenance, and words like yours qualify as such. So too does the thought that amidst it all that there were but a few people, I’m thinking for example of Bernie Sanders, who united the country, or so at least it seems in retrospect. Bernie spoke to the very end from a political position heretofore known primarily to a more ‘radical’ left (or from one known to all in their regular dealings with the world), and he did so with unabashed candor, to everyone, on subjects that were as pressing to my rural Tennessee neighbors as to those who wished he’d have been on the rustbelt ballot. Let this be a message to us, as we read your inspiring words and as we consider your approach, and let us work with you and your generation at achieving our collective dream of a ‘good society’. Those of us in earlier generations, like great novels from the 19th Century, can sometimes offer some of the wisdom that can be contained in long-winded and open-eyed glances backwards. You, with insight and hope (and the stirrings of the Sanders and the Chomskys and the Zinns, for they, and those they represent and inspire, remain valuable touchstones) can catalyze useful actions that speak to the current context. Your words give me hope that your generation’s insights and actions are what’s needed for, alas, the mainstream liberals to whom you refer have proven that the worn-out thinking of earlier generations is tainted by weariness and ideological blindness, and that most of them cannot, or can no longer, conceive of the world for which the collective ‘we’ are responsible.

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