How to Make Android App Popular Tips and Tricks

Robert Flin
Apr 24 · 3 min read

Android App is now one of the most popular ways to market around the globe and get more traffic to any site. But for any good amount of traffic, the app needs to be optimized or earning a large amount of traffic. It thus becomes important for anyone to optimize the application and make it more popular. Having a high number of traffic always allows any user to enhance their marketing skills. However, if you need to get your app to be more popular, here is a guidance on How to Make Android App Popular Tips and Tricks.

1. Updates:

If you are looking to make your Android App, you need to build a great product. Remember that everyone likes to download apps that has own updates and gives productive response. But if you are willing to get more results all that you need to do is to keep on updating the app. This will give you better results to get more traffic because of uninterrupted content at the same time.

2. Feedback:

Feedback always allows increasing more traffic and user engagement at the same time. So if you are willing to get more traffic or increase popularity of your App, al that you need to do is to ask for their feedbacks. Encourage them to leave feedbacks which will help you to get more engagement with the products. This will automatically increase more traffic to your site and you will get better results.

3. Engaging Users:

Every user likes to engage more with attractive app. So if you are willing to promote your app, you need to find the list of users who are most engaging for your app. Try to feature them always as it will help you to find better results. Try to feature your most rated users who will help you to get more traffic at the same time. Also if you feature their feedbacks and comments, it will always give you the opportunity to get more traffic at the same time.

4. Promote:

If you need to get more from the Android App, you need to start promoting it. Try to opt for the social networking sites where more traffic is present. This brings more opportunities for you to gain traffic at easy steps. Remember one thing that the more you promote, the better results that you can get always. Try to get collaboration with industry leaders who will engage more users. This will help to make your Android App more popular always.

5. ASO:

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of mobile app in an app store. If you want to increase the visibility of your app to the relevant user on the app store then this will results in more downloads of the app. If you don’t want to spend lot of amount in marketing technique then ASO is the best option. There are lots of ways to improve ASO for Apple app store and google play. Such as using keywords, title, and description wisely, using quality screenshots, adding an app preview video, choosing right category etc.

6. App ratings:

One of the most prominent ways by which you should always consider before anything else is the app ratings and reviews. Before installing any app, anyone will want to check the reviews and ratings for the app. For any app, having good and great amount of app ratings is a mandatory choice. If you are having a new Android App, it is really difficult to find a good number of reviews and ratings instantly. You can always help yourself with the help of purchasing android app rating. You can always buy App Ratings to increase the pace and get more popular easily.


You can always follow these key steps to make your Android App more popular easily with the help of app reviews and ratings. It always helps your app to instantly increase traffic at the same time.

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