How to prioritize workouts when work life gets tough

After all possible research conducted in the field of trainings and exercises, the biggest reason why people do not train (regardless of whether they are employed or not) is the “lack of time”. How to overcome this and other challenges related to sports and regular physical recreation in a time when we live very fast and we want to be excellent in all areas of life: at work, with children, partners, friends, parents, our hobbies and activist — volunteer engagement? The fact is that you do not need to allocate a lot of time for training. In the event that you are very busy and occupied with daily tasks and work, you still can customize the few workouts a week that will keep you in shape. Here are some tips for that.

Do your workout harder

Work complex exercise, because they are used for carrying out multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. For example, if you are doing the exercises on the shaft, there is no need to work on biceps after that because it is already partially trained while performing the previous exercise. Perform complex exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and similar exercises which will help you save your time and do a great job. Also you can perform supersets, which involve combining different exercises, mostly performing two exercises in pairs. In this way, you not only shorten training time, but also get excellent cardio workout along with it. Also, in order to save time, do not stretch in the gym, do not spend that little time you have to stretch at the gym precisely. Stretching is the very important, but you can stretch at home in front of the TV and looking after children or doing some other regulat chores.

Workout planning

When your only option is to practice late at night, we assume that you have a really busy schedule. Instead of spending your precious time in the gym, make a plan of trainings in advance. You can always enroll in a group training or make demanding cardio routine, but do not forget that you can also sweat at home with a training video from the Internet. Put your workout on the schedule. Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to skip the training and engage in other activities, and on Friday night you realize that during the week you have not exercised at all. Treat training as an important meeting, let it be an event which should not be missed. If you decide to work out because of many reasones (weight loss, staying fit, injury recovery…), then you have to stick to it without skipping it, because it is important for you as it is any other job you perform.

Meal times

You should determine the time for meals. If you eat a big dinner, you can forget about training. Regardless of the time of exercise, remember that you hould eat two or three hours before workout. Eat at the office before going to the gym or prepare a light meal for later training that will be waiting for you at home. Or simply, the best solution would be ordering food online and thus you will save some time just by clicking and picking your favorite meal. You do not need to overeat and consume heavy food after training. Maybe you’re exhausted, you have an incredible sense of hunger, but it’s just fatigue, which will be removed by a light meal, instead of something which will help you slow down the metabolism and something that will make you want to sleep for sure. Remember, the body takes about 3 hours to digest the food and therefore do not prolong this time with more difficult and more generous portions.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can lead to convulsions, lack of energy and a lot of other problems that will jeopardize your workout. In addition to hydration, water has a no less important role during physical exertion and that is cooling. To avoid overheating of the body, it is necessary to provide as large as possible amount of cold water, but no ice, in order to cool the body more efficiently. Make sure to drink plenty of water during a long day at the office, especially before, during and after exercise.

There are ways to workout all the time, the thing is how bad do you want it. If you are dedicated to your workouts, there is no job which will make you stop. So, listen to yourself and decide if exercising and trainings are what you really want and then you will find a way to perform it. Commitment is importnant. Best of luck!

Robert Foster is a Manhattan native, who’s spent more than 5 years trying to help people understand the importance of fitness. He’s also an experienced survivalist who spends more than 200 hours every year mountain biking, hiking and climbing. If you want to have a better insight into his unique knowledge, head over to and read some of his interesting articles.