Rich and warm

Some sad

Some angry

In a cursive hand carefully

More inscribed than written

More beautiful for their complex energy

I miss the ones I have not read

More dear to me than breaths not yet taken

And love not yet lived

In this world

The one past

Or the one that remains in memory yet to be

The journey of the endless loop



The Stoic Choice


More than loss

More than missing

More than letting go

Or being asked to

The burden weighs in the heaviest breath

And the tear not ripe for crying

And honoring silence

The lemma of a peculiar hell reserved for the romantic

Is it heavier yet for the stoic?

I would begin the quest to solve this riddle

Since the tendrils of its warm memories have forgotten how to fade

In the endless loop



What words are these that turn the tide

In coffee’s echoes once again

A taste

And a smile

And energy defined

Differently but with lilting laughter more present than memory

And thus surprise awakes and quickens

There are such moments

If we honor awake’s promise

In the endless loop



All who wander are not lost

But what of finding

In the hibernation of the heart

Compelled by the intricacies of life’s genius and its darkness

And being let go

Asked and yet not

Daily life bears the hollowness

How to remain silent

How not to reach out

Is pain the reminder that wanting does not justify touching the sacred boundaries of another’s quest

However much the slightest touch of thought or awareness might this burden lift

And so I write in the anonymous place

Zen prayers words cast into would be reader’s minds

But hoping for that one most special to echo

I know you are not lost

And that you are warm and safe in the world you have created

Together and apart

Draw the bow upon the strings of determination

I am listening and will hear

In the stillness of the endless loop



A darker wonder of the self defined mind

That sees itself

Of what use is caring when it listens loudest to its needs

An echo of leaving and wanting

Discordant music yet composed somehow

And for that resonance more painful

The minor key of the human heart

A more specific hurting

Loving yet not love

Only a version

In the endless loop